Over the past 16 years we have developed a solid recruitment strategy, resulting in substantial worldwide growth. We believe we provide the best working environment for our staff, as well as an unrivalled level of service to our clients and candidates.

Our Growth
Darwin recruiter in our Munich office

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Our People

We are a market leading international technology recruitment company with over 15 years' experience. Our clients, who range from global multi-national corporates to SMEs, trust us to effectively source permanent, contract and interim talent. We take pride in surpassing the expectations of our clients and candidates. In the fast moving world of technology you can be confident that, whatever service you require, our teams are equipped to deliver the perfect solution for you.

Our consultants recruit in strict technical verticals and geographic regions to ensure that they are true specialists in their market. Find out who the best person is to help you, view their jobs and videos and connect with them via social media.

Joost De Haas & Laura Ziliute in our Amsterdam office
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When you have a large number of candidates to hire, a wide range of skills required and a fixed deadline to meet it can be a little daunting, even to the most experienced resourcing teams. Darwin Corporate Solutions can help.

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  • our vision
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  • To continually improve and evolve specialist and tailored resource solutions and become the partner of choice for clients, candidates and employees.

  • our mission
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  • Darwin Recruitment: To build, engage and provide access to unique pools of talent communities, forging global partnerships with clients and candidates that add exponential value.

    Darwin Corporate Solutions: To clearly understand the strategic objectives of our Enterprise level clients and underpin these strategies with tailored Resource Solutions.

  • our VALUES
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  • We aim to work with Integrity, Passion, Drive and Accountability. We place our full faith in the strength of strong Relationships.

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Founded in 2001, we are now in our 15th year recruiting professionals in the European and American IT and telecommunications sector. Working across 15 countries and with offices in Essex, London, Amsterdam, Munich and Zurich, we pride ourselves on helping our clients identify, engage and manage a strong, talented IT and telecommunications resource.

We believe that recruitment shouldn’t be complicated but requires reach, connections, intelligence and knowledge – a process that brings together expertise in understanding people, their skills and their chosen market.

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Darwin Opens for Business. We start recruiting in The Netherlands, Germany & Switzerland.


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We start recruiting in Norway and Sweden.


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We start recruiting in Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria and France. 



We Open an Office in Amsterdam



We Open an Office in Switzerland


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We start recruiting in Finland and Denmark


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We Open an Office in Munich. We start recruiting in the UK


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We Open an Office in London. We start recruiting in the USA

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