What is an Employer of Record?

Sarah Wall

What is an employer of record

Firstly What is an EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR) service, is a third-party provider that assumes the role of your legal employer in a foreign country. This comprehensive service handles all HR-related aspects associated with hiring and managing your workforce, including:

  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Payroll and taxes
  • Benefits and insurance
  • Compliance and regulations





Why Consider Using an EOR?

Embarking on international expansion or hiring individuals in non-domestic countries, presents an excellent avenue for businesses to enhance growth and tap into new customer markets. However,  this endeavour brings forth a multitude of challenges, encompassing legal, financial, and compliance considerations. Among the crucial decisions lies the choice of using an EOR or establishing a presence in a foreign country. Each option boasts its advantages and drawbacks, necessitating a thoughtful selection aligned with your business goals and requirements.

The Benefits of Using an EOR?

Speed: Initiate the hiring process within days, bypassing the protracted and intricate procedures of establishing a legal entity.

Simplicity: The EOR manages all local laws and regulations on your behalf, assuming complete responsibility for tasks like payroll, tax deductions, and employee benefits.

Cost Savings: In the initial stages, capitalise on immediate savings by avoiding the costs and resource investments associated with establishing a legal entity—comprising incorporation fees, bank accounts, legal consultations, HR consultancy and accounting services.



Selecting the Best International Expansion or Hiring Strategy?

There is no universal solution but factors to consider are:

  • Business goals and objectives
  • Budget and available resources
  • Anticipated growth
  • Risk appetite
  • Preferred level of control

For more information and to speak to an EOR speciaist, visit our EOR Solutions Page.



Employment of Record Pricing Tables:

Employment of Record Austria Pricing
Employment of Record France Pricing
Employment of Record Germany Pricing
Employment of Record Netherlands Pricing
Employment of Record Norway Pricing
Employment of Record Poland Pricing
Employment of Record Portugal Pricing
Employment of Record Spain Pricing
Employment of Record Switzerland Pricing
Employment of Record Sweden Pricing
Employment of Record UK Pricing
Employment of Record USA Pricing