We're very excited to have made the strategic move from being a provider of temporary skills via freelanced labour to transitioning to become an employer of our own, full-time tech talent. In the current market, the demand for temporary skills is considerable, and the desire to procure these skills without the risks of deemed employment to our customers has increased significantly.

How does an Employed Leasing Solution work?

The solution is simple; we source and employ tech talent as full-time employees of Darwin Consulting and lease them to you, our customers, at more cost-effective rates.

This solution has proven to be very attractive to tech freelancers; we work with a vast number of international brands such as FedEx, Lease Plan, Heineken, eBay, and Volkswagen, to name a few, giving them exposure to high profile projects and the opportunity to learn from highly skilled team members. They also have the assurance that over time we'll provide them with a varied set of projects to keep them excited and their skills constantly evolving and continuous employment.

This allows us to build and nurture a loyal tech workforce driven by knowledge, opportunity, relationships, and challenging projects rather than remuneration alone.  

Our clients hire these workers via Darwin and pay on a per hour or per day basis, dependent upon that customer's needs.

What are the other benefits to our clients?

  • Aleviate co-employment issues that arise from Consultants working on-site at their business.
  • Access to fast and flexible staffing solutions and highly niche, skilled professionals.
  • Our employed leasing channels provide a cost-effective and fast solution compared to rigid and expensive consultancy solutions.
  • Zero admin time required for entity statutory reporting
  • Immediate access to employment solutions, no waiting time for set-up
  • Our approved partner network enables a broader service offering