Contingency recruitment is a popular choice of recruitment service for businesses looking to make single hires.

The beauty of contingency-based recruitment is that our clients are able to utilise our teams of specialist recruiters, who are dedicated to nurturing talent pools of highly skilled candidates, giving you access to talent that you just wouldn't be able to reach otherwise.

There are no up-front costs, so you rest assured that you only pay for our service when you've made a successful hire, and your new staff member has passed an agreed probationary period.

We've been in tech recruitment for over 20 years, so we have nurtured talent pools of skilled professionals to call upon for roles that might be beyond the reach of your in-house HR team.

Once you appoint us as your contingency recruiter, we'll work tirelessly to understand your business, so we're able to deliver the more suitable profiles as well as guide them through the interview process, manage compensation negotiations and manage the rejection of unsuitable candidates, all before you've spent any money.

Our contingency solution doesn't require you to sign exclusivity contracts, leaving you free to utilise multiple contingency recruiters at any one time. However, with contingency hires, we also do not offer exclusivity on the candidates or recruiter in return; the Darwin recruiter will be working for multiple clients, and the candidates will be presented for multiple roles.

Contingency fees for single hires are often higher than those enjoyed by clients who appoint us on a retained or exclusive basis.