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Bradley Wilkins

Billing manager of Norway and Sweden

I joined Darwin Recruitment fresh out of university in September of 2014 and within my 5 five years at Darwin, I have truly ridden the recruitment roller coaster. Within my time here at Darwin, I have built a successful market-focused client and candidate base purely within frontend development (the main need being React.js now) across Norway with the main focus on Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen.

Over 7 years of hard work I have built a unique understanding of the Norwegian culture and the way that the market needs a consultant to work within the country. I have managed to build large networks both within the candidate and client market, giving my candidates several opportunities and for my clients, quick response/solutions.

I aim to provide each customer a unique experience by building rapport and a true understanding of my customer. In the last 3 years, I have moved into management and provide full services within Norway and Sweden. Within these years I have scaled our Norwegian and Swedish teams to provide both Digital & Data requirements.

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Bradley Wilkins's Testimonials

Bradley is by far the most sincere and helpful recruiter that I’ve known. My experience in collaborating with him has been extremely positive - he is honest, straightforward, and insightful. He had enthusiastically offered invaluable advice and left me no doubt that he's looking out for his clients interests. I would expect to find no better partner in the job-seeking process than Bradley.

Bradley is definitely the most pleasant and respectful recruiter I've been in touch with so far. While a lot of others strike me as primarily "selling their product", he seems genuinely passionate about finding a good deal for all parties involved. Bradley has been a great help to me, both in finding interesting offers and in giving valuable career advice. A true pleasure to work with in all aspects!

I had many experiences with different IT recruiters. Most of them were reading from script and had no idea what they're asking about. That is not the case with Bradley, he's not only a recruitment specialist, but also an expert in IT field, had a great overview about companies, and cleared any doubts if there were any. He's good in finding out the needs and working hard to find the perfect match. Probably the best recruiter I had so far.

I was recruited by Bradley for a frontend software engineer position in Oslo which I accepted. As the interview process was very long it was really very helpful to have Bradley there to guide me through it. He gave me realistic expectations on both time and salary and prepared me for every eventuality. As well as that, he is also very easy to talk to and especially good at asking poignant questions which help you mull over decisions or choices in your mind. He also picks the positions which suit a person very well in order to not waste your time with non suitable positions and gives you a very detailed overview of that position. 100% a guy that you want on your side and is very good at what he does. Thanks, Bradley! :)

I had a quick chat with the manager about you, and I just want to bring it forward. He said you were the one he talked to when he joined Netlife too. I told him you seem like a great guy who really cares and that you’re much better than any other recruiter who I’ve talked with. He said he’s met you a couple of times and that he can confirm you are a really good guy. Just wanted to let you know! You’re awesome, and the companies you have paired me with fits so good!