4 Tips on Tailoring your CV Based on Industry!

Sarah Wall

4 tips on tailoring your CV based on industry


In today’s competitive job market, it’s crucial to create a CV that effectively showcases your skills and catches the attention of potential employers.


By tailoring your CV in a specific way to your market, you can significantly increase your chances of landing your desired job. In this blog, we will explore some key elements to include in your CV to make it stand out and leave a lasting impression on hiring managers.


Highlight Your Technical Stack:


One of the first things recruiters and employers look for in a CV is the candidate’s technical stack.


This refers to the various frameworks and technologies you are proficient in and have hands-on experience with. Including a well-detailed technical stack section at the beginning of your CV allows employers to quickly gauge your skills and expertise.


This information acts as a hook, capturing their interest and increasing the likelihood of further consideration.



Provide Detailed Company and Project Information:


When listing your work experience, it is essential to include comprehensive details about the companies you’ve worked for, the projects you were involved in, and your specific contributions.


This information provides employers with a broader understanding of your professional background, helping them assess your experience and relevance to their organization.


Remember, potential employers want to get to know you better, including how and why you approached certain tasks or projects.



Utilize a Reference Page:


Consider including a reference page at the bottom of your CV, especially if you are a remote candidate.


This page typically includes two or three key contacts who can provide positive references for your work.


Make sure these references can vouch for your skills and professionalism. When your profile is presented to potential employers, they can reach out to these references to gain insight into your capabilities, work style, and potential impact. However, it’s advisable not to include your current employer on the reference page to maintain confidentiality if you are conducting a discreet job search.


Differentiate Your CV:


Avoid using generic CV templates that are readily available on various websites.


While these templates may be convenient, they can have a negative impact on your application.


To stand out from the competition, create a CV that reflects your individuality and showcases your skills in the best possible way. Consider designing a visually appealing format or incorporating unique elements that make your CV memorable and distinctive.


Explore Innovative Approaches:


Although not mandatory, exploring innovative approaches to presenting your CV can be advantageous.


For example, you may come across video CVs on platforms like YouTube, where candidates have created engaging videos showcasing their skills and experiences. While creating a video CV may require considerable time and effort, it exemplifies the concept of making your CV truly individual. Even without going to such lengths, ensuring your CV has a unique template and personal touch can make a significant difference during interviews and job hunting.



Tailoring your CV to your specific market is essential for making a lasting impression on potential employers.


By highlighting your technical stack, providing detailed company and project information, utilizing a reference page, differentiating your CV from generic templates, and exploring innovative approaches, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing your dream job.


Remember, your CV serves as a reflection of your skills, expertise, and professionalism, so invest time and effort into crafting a compelling document that sets you apart from the competition.