Nick Wartena

Nick Wartena

Executive Data Consultant

A little about me, I worked as an account manager for almost 5 years before starting my IT recruitment journey! I worked with different businesses to build their IT infrastructure from hardware to software and from servers to cloud.

The business I am working in is one of the most exciting ones, Data!

I work with contractors who are very specialized in their branch of the data world. I like to work with people that are driven in what they do, open and honest like me so we can create a great collaboration.

I am recruiting contractors for the following roles:

· Data Management
· Data Engineering
· Data Analysis
· Data Architecture
· Data Science
· Machine learning

The way I work is that I strive to be the best version of myself, keep my promises and do everything in consultation with all involved parties. What makes me strong is that I am very good at helping people come to self-realization by listening well and asking the right questions. I like to help people with solving problems, almost the same way that data insights work for a lot of companies nowadays.

The known data analytics development cycle is described in stages: from descriptive (what happened) to diagnostic (why did it happen), to discovery (what can we learn from it), to predictive (what is likely to happen), and finally to prescriptive analytics (what action is the best to take).

We live in a very exciting time and I am honored to be of value in it!
Reach out to me and let’s have a call to see how we can be an asset to each other.

Nick Wartena’s Latest Vacancies:



Flutter developer

Voor een van mijn klanten in de pensioenindustrie ben ik op zoek naar een getalenteerde Flutter Ontwikkelaar om het team See more…

to €100/year


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