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JavaScript, the most popular language at the moment, in use by two thirds of professional developers and the highest demanded skill both on Darwin as well as in the industry as a whole, continues to go from strength to strength.

Since 2013 the salaries for JavaScript developers have raised significantly, and for good reason as it represents one of the widest talent gaps in the technical community today. The demand stems from a number of unique features of JavaScript; starting with it being the only language that is supported natively by all web browsers. Furthermore, JavaScript lends itself to full-stack development now that Node.js enables server-side development with JavaScript. The advantages of having one or two full-stack developers over specialised front-end and back-end developers are hugely attractive to companies, and so the demand is through the roof.

Looking forward, the three biggest areas in JavaScript set to grow are expected to be AngularJS, React and Node.js; experts upskilling in these areas are those who will be on the market for the shortest time, command the highest salaries and have the most offers to choose from.

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