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Test Engineer

Amsterdam, North Holland , €400 - €450 per day

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2018-03-22 08:36:44 +0000



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QA & Test

Main Responsibilities:

* As a scrum team member actively participate in the grooming of requirements, impacting effort, defining acceptance criteria and developing test scripts.

* Work together with the product owner to make sure requirements are not open for interpretation (review and rewrite requirements where necessary)

* Breaking down business requirements to technical requirements and define testable acceptance criteria (requires full understanding of technical solution)

* Interact with product management, project management and development teams to develop a strong understanding of the project and testing objectives

* Needs to proactively approach product owners to both groom requirements and come to full and complete understanding of the product

* Needs to proactively approach project managers to agree on release dates and be able to argue why dates/product is at risk

* Design and create test conditions and scripts to address business and technical use cases

* Responsible to risk assess each delivery

* Based on product risk decide on formal test techniques to be used

* Fully responsible for writing test cases and test scripts

* Organising review sessions with peer Test engineer and Development lead

* Use existing tools and techniques to execute test cases and build/script new tools for performing testing/validation function

* Fully master Equivalence Partitioning (EP)

* Fully master Boundary Value Analysis (BVA)

* Fully master Decision table testing (C/E)

* Fully master Process Cycle Testing (PCT)

* Fully master State Transition Testing (STT)

* Fully master Syntax Testing

* Develop and lead the automation strategy/effort and generate scripts to perform automated testing cycles

Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

  • Complete understanding of Android eco systems
  • Complete understanding of iOS eco system
  • Complete understanding of Windows Mobile eco system
  • In depth knowledge of mobile test frameworks like APPIUM, SELENIUM
  • Experience with traffic analysis using Wireshark/Fiddler or similar tools
  • 5 years relevant work experience in software testing.

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