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Berlin, Germany , €55000 - €65000 per annum

Date Posted

2018-03-13 09:22:06 +0000



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Company Overview

My client is driving the development and beta test of an open-source software solution to support adaptive program management. This is done by improving the quality of program data and ensuring organisations retain the necessary evidence to support the results of their programs.

The purpose of the solution is to transform a team's ability to create data-driven impact by improving data quality, supporting project management workflow, and tracking progress towards each statistical milestone.

What they do

Their main platform is the engine that enables their microservice web-architecture, from client to database. They help development teams to focus on writing specialised code whilst developing enterprise businesses solutions rapidly. Open source is their 'bread-and-butter' meaning they will use it and reuse it whenever possible.

Job Summary

Based in Berlin, you will work with the a tech-loving, hard-working software development team to design, test and build front end UI components for the current and future suite of my clients applications. The primary focus will be on Angular 2/4+, CSS, LESS and SASS and Javascript framework development. Additionally, reporting dashboards and
templates will be designed and maintained for dynamic and real time data analytics platforms using mostly RESTful state API data services.

Ideal Developer

  • 5+ years in JavaScript development prefferably in the Frontend
  • Exceptional experience with modern techs like Angular, React, TypeScript, etc.
  • Knowledge in jQuery/Ajax, Python or Java is a plus
  • Well seasoned with methodologies like Agile
  • Ready to collaborate with a team of highly motivated, intelligent, hard-working software engineers ready to take on and evolve a highly innovative platform.
  • Prepared to be a part of something big; something that is used by millions of companies, organisations, developers and more.

Love open-source? Passionate about quality code? Do you have the natural drive and motivation to match this team? Please contact me or apply for more details!

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