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AI Researcher

New York, USA , Benefits

Date Posted

2018-05-30 13:48:44 +0100


JN -042018-80274_1527684520

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Data Science

My client is working on what could be considered, one of the most complex AI/Linguistics challenges that the market has to offer.

In short, they are building/have built a technology, that is comparable to the onboard computers of Federation starships!... Ultimately this Artificial Intelligence will not only interact in real-time like a human but will also, have the ability to explain why it came up with those specific answers.

They're calling it 'common sense AI'!

Their team was founded by some of the pioneers in the AI/NLP field and their collective vision for this technology, is optimistic, to say the least.

Now, for the most part, this is a talent-based search, so, unfortunately, I do not have a full spec to show you but if I were to summerise; they are looking for an experienced (5+ years) high-level Engineer who is skilled in NLP, ML and/or AI.

These are the 3 elements that would make your profile interesting for the team:

Common sense knowledge - build out the ability for the system to understand common sense:

  • Experience with unsupervised learning
  • Use of large structured knowledge bases (e.g. DBpedia, Freebase) to bring in background knowledge relevant to an application
  • Automatic knowledge base construction using statistical relation extraction techniques

Statistical parsing paradigms

  • Experience building statistical parsers
  • Knowledgeable about grammar formalisms (for representing syntax and semantics)

- Experience in deep learning

  • Experience in probabilistic graphical models
  • Structured prediction (e.g., relation extraction, sequence labeling)

NLP - text entailment

  • Work on paraphrasing/entailment on standard NLP datasets.
  • Awareness of state-of-the-art solutions on the standard benchmarks and ideas on how to generalize better (e.g., SOTA system on one entailment benchmark but poor on another and how to address this)

This is a company that not only oozes innovation but also pays a premium for your contribution in terms of career growth equity and compensation (up to $400k base)!


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