Software Engineer

Software Engineer.

Software Engineer


CHF80000 - CHF120000 per year





Elevate Your Career as a Trailblazing Senior Software Engineer (.NET) in the Realm of Innovation

Join the Vanguard of Technological Excellence!

Embark on a transformative journey with my client - the beacon of digitization, security, and innovation, not just in Switzerland, but poised to conquer global financial and technological hubs. Their mastery spans the entire IT spectrum, meticulously catered to our discerning clientele. Our trailblazing team of over 400 exceptional engineers, designers, and consultants, stationed across Zurich, Bern, Frankfurt am Main, and Singapore, is steadfastly driving our ascent. And this is just the beginning - more horizons await. Our ascension is anchored in our bedrock of virtues: audacity, inventiveness, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit, all steeped in sustainability and the indomitable Swiss essence.

Why We Need You! be the harbinger of innovation in our dynamic Microsoft technology realm, crafting spellbinding solutions that redefine the digital landscape for our esteemed clientele. Our canvas spans visionary product strategies, business process metamorphosis, and structural reinvigoration - brought to life through cutting-edge tools like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and groundbreaking mobile solutions. Direct interaction with clients and a tapestry of adept colleagues promise a learning curve that's nothing short of vertical!

Your Odyssey with Us

· Unearth the core of software development projects, steering them through the realms of analysis, conceptualization, and realization for our valued customers.

· Weave Technical Epiphanies - Craft ingenious solution concepts that resonate with the soul of innovation...

· ...then weave them into reality, solo or synergized with adapted standard software.

· Ignite the Spark of Knowledge - Nurture and share your wisdom with teammates, sowing the seeds of growth.

· Architectural Stewardship - Enforce architectural integrity, instilling standards into projects and watching over their sanctity.

· Champion of Progress - Immerse yourself in project preliminaries, reviews, requirements engineering, and prototyping, as a proactive contributor.

Your Arsenal of Excellence

· A maestro in crafting solutions within the Microsoft tapestry, with a symphonic focus on .NET Core and .NET 5.

· Your creations dwell in the ethereal realms of Microsoft Azure's cloud or grace the earthly planes of on-premise landscapes.

· Dance in Harmony with Front-End Elegance - Whether it's the bewitching notes of React, Angular, Vue.js, or the classic rhythm of WPF and ASP.NET (MVC).

· Architectural Virtuoso - Conduct orchestras of common software architecture patterns to birth robust Web APIs, a harmonious feat!

· Fluent Linguist of Databases - The dialects of both relational (MS SQL) and document-based (MongoDB) databases are at your fingertips.

What Awaits You

· Mosaic of Projects - Dive into an intricate tapestry of projects, where innovation is both the compass and the destination.

· Amiable Nexus - Join a fraternity of camaraderie in a captivating and kinetic workspace.

· ti & m Academy - An enclave of enlightenment, a conduit to learning from the luminaries, an academy dedicated to your evolution.

· Liquid Wisdom - Flexible time tempos and moments of respite await through ti & m liquid working.

· Beyond Work Horizons - ti & m events unfurl a panorama of camaraderie - from shaking the lake, and ski escapades, to artistry, mingled with work.

Are You Ready?

Do you yearn to infuse your prowess and sagacity into a cauldron of collaborative innovation? Unveil your talents, nurture them in a team that's more like kin. Step forth and etch your saga with my client. Your journey to innovation begins here.

Darwin Recruitment AG is a Zurich based, SECO licensed, privately owned subsidiary of Darwin Professional Staffing Group Ltd (a Global IT Recruitment Consultancy).

Darwin Recruitment AG manages client relationships whilst also utilising Darwin Professional Staffing Group databases and networks to source Candidates and fulfil client requests.

We do not ask for a placement fee from Candidates/Employees.

If you wish to contact a specialist regarding this role, or your job search in general, please contact +41 (0)43 456 29 09

Luke Driscoll

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