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Introduction To Functional Programming & Scala

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 | 18:30 to 20:00

We are meeting up on the 4th of September at FastForward.ai's office in Amsterdam South and collaborating with Lambda1 to focus on Functional Programming.

This event explores the core principles of functional programming and dives deeper into Scala - we have 3 speakers with various talks about FP, Scala 3, and a business case. Mike says: "This is a beginner/intermediate talk, but even if you eat those monads for breakfast, we’ll try to keep it interesting and show different perspectives."

We also have free pizza and refreshments and we want to make sure that everyone has something to eat, so if you have any special dietary requirements let us know when you register. The venue is located approximately 15 mins from Amsterdam Zuid, 10 mins from Amsterdam RAI and there is free parking after 19.00.

Hope to see you there!


18.00 - Doors open
18.30 - Drinks and Pizza
19.00 - Rodolfo Hansen on "Constructive Programming"
19.45 - Francisco Aramburo on "Why Scala is still relevant"
20.30 - Mike Kotsur on "Embracing the chaos with the State and IO monads"
​21.15 - Beers, questions, networking



Rodolfo Hansen, Software Competency Lead at Philips

A Walk Through The Ultimate Dream: "Correct Software" - What does this mean? I will explain how you can you let the compiler prove your code for you, or, in other words, why you should be encoding business logic at the type level.

Francisco Aramburo, Software Development Consultant

Why Scala is Still Relevant - Scala 3 is going be released in less than one year now, and with a bunch of new cool features, we must ask, what did Scala 2 do well and how does it compares with Scala 3? In this talk, I present my opinion on one of the critical features that we should all put an eye on for the coming years.

Mike Kotsur, Software Development Consultant at Typesafe Utrecht

Embracing The Chaos With The State and IO Monads - State mutations and IO operations seem to clash pretty hard with the core principles of Functional Programming: immutability and referential transparency. Good news is: there are easy and effective solutions to this conflict! In this talk we will depart from “why is this an even problem”, pass the “naive solution” intermediate station and arrive at the “good practices” destination.


The venue is sponsored by FastForward.ai: Edge Offices on A.J. Ernststraat 1-157 in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert


For any questions or remarks please contact Daniel: Daniel.scheepbouwer@darwinrecruitment.com / 06 225 445 13

For any questions regarding the entrance of the building feel free to contact Alexander: 06 10 14 31 68