Data World Tour - AMSTERDAM

18:00 Thu, 11 October 2018 - 21:00 Thu, 11 October 2018 - Future Facts Danzigerkade 19, 1013 AP Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Darwin Recruitment and RecDoTech proudly present the Darwin Data World Tour.

Since our first meetup in Berlin in September 2017, RecDoTech has hosted IT professionals at 15 different meetups across two continents, with fascinating talks by Data professionals from top business in Europe and USA. 

Following on from the enormous popularity of our other RecDoTech meetups, we are hosting our third Data Science meetup in Amsterdam. Our speakers will explore how data science is changing industries, allowing businesses to compete in new markets and helping people around the world. 


Agis ChristopoulosData Scientist at Valid

Agis is a Data Scientist at Valid working currently on a huge project for one of their clients. Valid is a ICT service provider and has been almost 20 years active in its market. Agis also writes Data Science related blogs for Valid where he shares his thoughts and expertise. He is very passionate about Data Science and Business Intelligence and enjoys taking data and turns it into meaningful and useful business insights. The topic that Agis will be presenting during the meetup is; Application of a loan (Case-study for FREO, part of Rabobank group).

''For FREO, part of Rabobank group, we analyzed the loan applications. We wanted to predict which application is more likely to convert. We analyzed 3 years of data (2015,2016 and 2017) and we created a predictive model using R and Azure Machine Learning studio.  Next to the class of a new application, the model was calculating a predictive score (%). This % would specify in which class the application will fall in.

The goal of the predictive model is to help the financial institution make a decision based on the predictive score every new application gets.''

Floris Hoogenboom & Jan Pel, Data Scientists at Future Facts:

Floris Hoogenboom en Jan Pel are Data Scientists from Future Facts working for WoningNet. WoningNet is the party in the Netherlands that matches supply and demand for social housing. In this talk Floris and Jan will show how they developed a pairwise ranking algorithm that tries to match the right house to the right tenant. Apart from of course the trivial applications on the website of WoningNet this model has many other interting applications. In this talk Floris and Jan will show how they used this model to build a graph representing the housing market in Amsterdam that can be used to help people migrate to a house better suiting their wishes.

Eduardo Barbaro, Senior Data Scientist and Strategy Managing Consultant at IBM

Eduardo is an experienced Data Scientist, who helps companies to design and further develop new data-driven solutions. As a Strategy Consultant, he sets the focus on understanding and shaping their analytics and process strategies. The topic that Eduardo will be presenting during the meetup is; Big data and AI reshaping the business world.

'' In this talk, we will discuss the data-driven movement. We go on a journey starting at the very beginning of mathematics and the first sparks of data to where we are now in terms of AI and some possible future applications. The take-home message is that AI or data science didn't start a couple of years ago, but it is rather a natural and powerful development. ''

Our international data world tour has seven stops

  • Zurich 6th September
  • Munich 13th September
  • Copenhagen 20th September
  • Berlin 26th September
  • New York 3rd October
  • Boston 4th October​
  • Amsterdam 11th October

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Published: 09 Jul 2018
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