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Copenhagen Data Science Meetup by RecDoTech

Wednesday, 17 January 2018 | 18:30 to 22:00

Welcome to our first Data Science meetup in Copenhagen.

The meetup includes 3 expert Data Science professionals from leading businesses in Denmark and the USA. You can expect 4 speakers with insightful talks, and the opportunity to ask questions in the Q&A session.

We welcome Data Science professionals, students, businesses and anyone that is interested in Data Science. This event is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people and businesses hungry for data.

Speakers & Topics

Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning - George Bezerra, Senior Manager of Data Science, TripAdvisor

George's focus at TripAdvisor is on applying machine learning to a wide variety of industry systems such as recommender systems, fraud detection, revenue optimisation, online advertising, and user personalisation. Before joining TripAdvisor almost four years ago, George was a Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT, designing computer architectures for big data applications. George’s presentation will discuss natural language processing with deep learning.

Data Science as a Service - Nicolas Horst, Head of Devoteam Discovery, Devoteam

Nicolas focuses on how businesses can get started on their “big data journey” and how the data they collect get can be turned into revenue. Before he joined Devoteam, one of his previous roles was with the Danish Ministry of Finance on how to improve and utilise the “basic data” owned by government organisations. Nicholas holds a Master’s degree in Geoinformation Technology and Management from Aalborg University and returned in 2013 as a visiting lecturer.

Know your metrics - Wolf Rittershofer, Senior Data Scientist, Danske Bank

Wolf is the Senior Data Scientist at Danske Bank, working on the end to end implementation of machine learning models, including specification, with the corresponding business unit and monitoring business impact. Wolf has a PhD in Atomic and Laser Physics from Oxford University and has mentored high school physics students from the United States.

See you at the Founders House from 18:30!