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Artificial Intelligence in Mobility @ THE DRIVERY GmbH

Thursday, 27 February 2020 | 18:00 to 20:30

We're very excited to be hosting the SECOND in our series of events, partnering with The Drivery, and focussing on AI in Mobility.

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Please note that all timings are CET. 


Please note that all timings are CET

18:00 - Registration and Welcome Drinks
18:30 - Presentation One
19:00 - Presentation Two
19:30 – Questions
19:45 – Food, drinks and networking
20:30 - 21:00 – CLOSE

Speaker One: Sergey Burkov, Engineering manager in Machine Learning & AI at Mobimeo

Topic: Building a modern in-house analytics pipeline

Sergey is a Technical leader with extensive experience in telecom, e-commerce, automotive and mobility domains. He has 15 years of expirirence building large distributed data heavy backend systems.

Sergey is governing data strategy within Mobimeo by democratizing data and driving data driven decision intelligence.

Speaker Two: Torgen Hauschild, Co-founder/CTO, Bliq

Topic: How to use Computer Vision on the Edge to scale self-updating curbside maps

Torgen is Bliq’s technical leader and co-founder at Bliq. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science and before Bliq, worked with Volkswagen on building car monitoring IoT and logistics apps that are now a global standards.

Torgen is contributing to optimize the future of mobility to make it more convenient and more ecological using artificial intelligence combined with the power of cloud computing.

Speaker Three: Dominique Vandamme, Data Scientist, UMI Urban Mobility Intl GmbH

Topic: Simulating future charging demand for an all-electric fleet

Dominique has been building all-things-data at UMI since the service became public last year. Before joining the mobility sector he has been working as a data scientist in consulting and the startup-world.

Dominique is pushing for data-driven solutions to make an electric-mobility offering successful in a very competitive market where customers have the choice.

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If you would like tickets to this event, please message Jodi Barrow or Mark O'Toole.


Watch footage from our first event @The Drivery here