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Trends & Challenges in NLP - Webinar

12:00 Tue, 20 August 2019 - 13:00 Tue, 20 August 2019

12:00 EDT 17:00 BST 18:00 CEST We're hosting our first ever webinar that is solely focussed on the scientific advances in NLP. We'll be joined by Dainis Boumber, Senior Scientist - NLP at Aon who will be answering the following questions: What is state of the art at the moment within NLP? What does he expect for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020? What are the biggest open problems everyone is...

Author: Sarah Wall

Trends & Challenges in E-Mobility & Autonomous Driving - Webinar

19:00 Wed, 28 August 2019 - 20:00 Wed, 28 August 2019

With over 200,000 cars sold in the USA in 2018, Tesla is the leading company in the autonomous car market. With General Motors, Ford, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Audi all ramping up their autonomous car production, competition sets to be fierce. However, nothing is ever plain sailing. What are the problems that the autonomous car and e-mobility market could face in the coming years? Jodi Barrow wi...

Author: Nick Stackhouse

Previous events

7 Free Steps To Hiring Better Developers In Cologne Webinar

18:00 Tue, 9 July 2019 - 19:00 Tue, 9 July 2019

It's no secret that everybody in Germany needs a software developer - there are over 3000 companies all fighting for the best technical talent. How do you attract these developers without spending more on salary, without interviewing 50 candidates, or without becoming a full-time recruiter? There are marginal gains and minimal changes EVERY business in Germany can make that cost no money, requi...

Author: Nick Stackhouse

Tech Trends and Challenges in Pharma

18:30 Thu, 27 June 2019 - 20:30 Thu, 27 June 2019

RecdoTech and Darwin Recruitment are partnering with SAP at their offices on 27th June for some engaging presentations exploring the Pharma tech trends and challenges for 2019 and beyond. Each speaker will talk about the innovations taking place in their businesses, the products they've delivered to end users and a general discussion on the current and future industry challenges and trends. All...

Author: Sarah Wall

Data Science - Creating the Future & Data Engineering in 2019

18:30 Tuesday, 25 June 2019

The data engineer's role has changed a lot over the past few years and continues to change rapidly. Are you and your company approaching it in the right way? Businesses may not have caught up to the fact that you can purchase technologies off-the-shelf that do most of the data extraction, and piping to easily accessible areas. Learn more about the role of data engineering and data engineers at ...

Author: Sarah Wall

Trends and Challenges in FinTech

19:00 Wed, 27 March 2019 - 21:00 Wed, 27 March 2019

RecdoTech is returning to Munich! Join us on 27th March at Mindspace Vikutalienmarkt for three engaging talks exploring the FinTech trends and challenges in 2019.Each speaker will talk about the innovations taking place in their businesses, the products they've delivered to end users and a general discussion on the current and future industry challenges and trends.All three talks will be to the...

Author: Sarah Wall

Java Vs Kotlin - Which is better for Backend Development?

18:30 Mon, 25 February 2019 - 19:30 Mon, 25 February 2019

Monday 25th February - 18:30 CET Java may be the first programming language that springs to mind when you think about Android, But Kotlin has drawn the attention of brands like Amazon, Netflix, and Pinterest and has been steadily gaining ground since then. Is it time Java gave way to new languages which are more geared toward mobile development and offer ample benefits over Java; or will Java’s...

Author: Sarah Wall

Is PHP A Dying Language in 2019? The Future of PHP

19:00 Tue, 19 February 2019 - 20:00 Tue, 19 February 2019

Will PHP remain a top language for web programming, or is it being replaced by languages like Python, Ruby and Go?Attendees will get unique insights into:What they need to be doing to stay relevant in the PHP marketIf PHP is still a good language to learn, and whyThe benefits PHP has in the market over other languagesWhat trends there currently are in the market for languages Is PHP still what ...


RecdoTech - Trends & Challenges in Automotive

18:00 Wed, 6 February 2019 - 21:00 Wed, 6 February 2019

RecDoTech ist wieder da.Diesmal laden wir Sie zu unserem Event am 6.2.2019 im Mindspace am Viktualienmarkt ein.Rund um das Thema Trends und Challenges in der Automobilindustrie werden uns zwei führende Experten aus diesem Bereich mit Vorträgen begleiten und von ihren Erfahrungen und Herausforderungen berichten.Freuen Sie sich auf einen Einblick in die Zukunft der Automobilindustrie.Im Anschluss...


RecDoTech - Data Science, Machine Learning, and Kubernetes

18:00 Thu, 31 January 2019 - 21:30 Thu, 31 January 2019

RecDoTech is back, and we are meeting up again on 31st January at Anchormen's office in Steigerland, Amsterdam. This meetup explores real-world Data case studies that will help you understand or improve your current workflows. If you're interested in how Kuberenetes and CI/CD pipelines are utilised in business, come and join us!We also have free pizza and refreshments, we want to make sure that...


Course Complete, What Next? - Webinar

19:00 Tue, 11 December 2018 - 20:00 Tue, 11 December 2018

This webinar will focus on coding schools and the experiences of alumni entering the workplace, teachers who have helped students and hiring managers that have employed graduates. Gain the knowledge you will need to get noticed by hiring managers in a competitive market. Learn what to expect once you have graduated, and set realistic goals on your career opportunities. Learn from a hiring manag...

Author: Alan Jarque

Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam

09:00 Fri, 30 November 2018 - 19:00 Fri, 30 November 2018

Darwin Recruitment is delighted to sponsor Code BEAM for the second time in 2018. This time we're Gold Sponsors of Code BEAM Lite Amsterdam, formerly Erlang Factory Lite, and we'll be in attendance at the conference.Come and say hi to our Functional Programming specialist, Hayden Evans, and the rest of the Darwin Team."Come and join 13 cutting-edge talks from leading practitioners across one da...


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