Displaying A Career Gap On Your CV

Sarah Wall

Displaying a career gap on your cv

We’ve been looking at a couple of our very own inspiring women today… Here is a snippet from our latest event ‘Paper to Position’ with GirlsinTechSwitzerland. Gabriella Dymott, Laura Cannon and our special guest Danielle Ralic answer your question around whether career gaps should be displayed on your CV?

There’s a common misconception about gaps in employment on a resume; that they’re a dealbreaker…

Many candidates worry about displaying career gaps due to common occurrences such as extended maternity leave, time off for personal developments, and other personal circumstances that can temporarily take them out of work.

You should never have to hide part of your journey on your CV. Honesty is key, and if your potential employer has an issue with the reasons behind the gap in your CV, then maybe they’re not the employer for you.