Lewis Adams-Dunstan

Team Manager / USA / Permanent

Contact Location: USA

I manage a team of specialist Recruitment consultants, who focus their time purely on sourcing and building relationships with Data Science professionals in Greater New York City and Boston, Massachusetts. We use the widest range of sourcing techniques available to the recruitment profession; whilst we source predominantly in the passive market using a wide range of professional social networks, MeetUps, and recommendations, we also advertise extensively and use this in conjunction with the latest engagement technologies. 

My team have a reputation for delivering an excellent service to our clients and have a proven track record supplying skilled professionals into a large number of technology based companies on an international level.

Last year alone, I had the chance to work with a very successful hosting business; a business that for months on end, I tried to introduce to my growing personal network. After finally finding the right moment through persistence and consistency, the hiring manager took 5 minutes out of his day to check out the candidates that I had been working with… 12 months and 27 placements later, their Engineering team had grown by an astonishing 30%. This company amongst others realised the value of a bespoke, personal service and because of this we are now exclusive partners with some of the coolest cutting edge start-ups, all the way through to some of the larger well know multinational super brands across the US. 

The moral to my story is “When you know you have something good, never give up trying!” 

My Darwin career snap shot:
2016 - Present: Team Manager - USA
2015 -16: Team Leader - Denmark + 2nd highest billing perm consultant of the year.
2014-15: Accelerated Senior consultant - Denmark.
2013-14: Rookie of the year!
2013: Trainee consultant – Denmark

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Lewis Adams-Dunstan's Testimonials

Lewis was my recruitment agent for three years, helping me find and recruit so many amazing engineers to my teams in Copenhagen. - He is an outstanding judge of talent and character! I will recommend Lewis any day, to both candidates and employers.

Client, Anders Saaby

Lewis is by far one of the best recruiters I have worked with. His hands-on, no BS approach gives you prompt updates and excellent coaching. He spends the time to understand the what a candidate is looking for and goes above and beyond to ensure that any potential match is a great fit for candidates and employers.

Candidate, Jason Wong

Lewis contacted me though LinkedIn about a gig with a start up in Los Gatos. I’ll admit, living in San Mateo near Cal Train and not having to actually drive a car on my commute for years made me somewhat ambivalent about the position. So while I had concerns, Lewis was incredibly convincing; he got me excited about the company, their product and the job but more importantly, he got them excited about me. The process was incredibly smooth and Lewis was there every step of the way following up after my phone interviews and F2F making sure the lines of communication stayed open and things kept progressing. Lewis’s dedication went above and beyond; he kept in touch with me and the company even while vacationing in Mexico. The first few days of his holiday he was still shepherding my contract along, I’m sure to the great annoyance of his traveling companion. In the end it turned out great; I’m currently with an amazing team at working on an exciting product. I have Lewis to thank for that. Without his attention to detail and perseverance, this opportunity would have never come together. For that I’m very thankful to Lewis and the Darwin team and I heartily recommend both.

Candidate, Bob Farrigan

Professional and dedicated recruiter. Good at following up and seems to understand our business and our needs. Have had several good recruitments thanks to him.

Client, Johnny J. Anderson

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