Jordan Newton

Executive Data Science Specialist / Permanent

Contact Location: USA

With the experience that I have gained working across multiple sectors and various geographic locations, I’m well placed to utilise the skills I have learned along the way to provide a world class service to my clients.

I love working for an international business; it allows me to gain an understanding of the world of Data Science on a global scale. We’re also able to cultivate relationships with  some of the worlds most innovative organisations, learn from them and adapt our client offering accordingly.

My long term strategy is to build close-knit communities of technology specialists in the Boston area, provide a platform for them to share their knowledge and expertise and learn from them in the process. Through this, I believe  it’s important to share that platform with my clients to allow them to showcase their employer brand and attract the best talent.

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Jordan Newton's Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Jordan during my Data Science career search. He listens to your career goals and matches you with positions that are in-line with those goals. Jordan works hard to position you as one of the best candidates for his clients. During my interview process, his clients often commented on the quality of candidates that Jordan provides. Jordan is great at providing pre-interview tips and following up post interview with comments from the client. I was particularly impressed by his help in salary negotiation, which can be a difficult topic for many individuals including myself. I would highly recommend working with Jordan when pursing or even just considering a new position in the Data Science market.

Candidate, William Mattull

Jordan is the best recruiter I've had the pleasure of working with. I get a lot of LinkedIn recruiting messages and occasionally hop on a call with someone. Unlike most recruiters, Jordan made me feel like he had my best interest as a priority. He took time to understand exactly what I was looking for and only suggested companies that met that criteria. And he had the client base to back it up. Many recruiters try to pitch jobs to you that aren't a great fit, either due to the specifics of the role or due to compensation. Additionally, when an offer comes in they might try to convince you that you should take it. They do this because they only get paid if you take the role. However, I never had this problem with Jordan. When an offer came in, Jordan never pressured me to take it, but instead tried to help me evaluate whether or not it would be a good fit for my career goals in terms of what I valued. I would recommend Jordan to any machine learning specialist. He understands the market and can help you find what you're looking for, whether it's a specific type of role, a specific compensation, or something else.

Candidate, Geoff Brown

Jordan helped me to find a great data science position at a company of which mission I liked a lot. Unlike many other recruiters out there who just poke you once, ask you to fill long questionnaires and then never contact you again, Jordan pays actual attention to your interests and skills, and helps you to pursue different leads. After explaining me the company and what they are looking for in detail, and giving me time to do my own research, he arranged meetings with the company and helped me to prepare to the job interview. And followed up after the interview to measure compatibility etc. I am really grateful to him, and his sincere, hard work. I'm sure he'll be helpful to anyone who is looking for interesting positions.

Candidate, Uger Guney

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