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I am a specialist recruiter with over 7 years of experience in the recruitment industry, previously working in both the medical and finance markets.

My role at Darwin is covering front-end development within the Swedish Team, placing candidates predominantly in Stockholm. My main focuses are:

JavaScript | Java-Script | Java Script | JS | Front-End | Front End | FrontEnd | FE
TypeScript | Typescript | Type Script
JavaScript Frameworks | JS-Frameworks
Angular.js | Angularjs | Angular2.js | Angular2 | Angular 2| Angular4.js | Angular4 | Angular 4
React.js | Reactjs | React native | React.js native | React native.js
Node.js | Nodejs
EcmaScript | Ecma-Script | Ecma Script | ES6 | ES6+ | ES7
Backbone.js | Backbonejs
Gulp.js | Gulpjs
D3.js | D3js
Vanilla.js | Vanillajs | AJAX

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James Godfrey's Testimonials

James is always very professional and offers a first class service! I would recommend James to any client.

I found James to be helpful and knowledgeable, eager to not only match the needs of the employer but also that of the prospective employee. I would recommend him to anyone looking for the next step in their careers.

James is very professional and does his very best to find a suitable position. Would definitely recommend him - just like I do now.

This guy’s a nice recruiter and well knowledgeable web person. Always available. He thinks on the cutting edge of scheduling, motivation, future activity. Any newcomer would be lucky to have James as a recruiter.

James were an excellent recruiter that got me a new job very quickly. Patient and positive. I would absolutely recommend you working with him. With his help not only did I get a new job, but also a major raise. Very happy to have been working with him!

James is very professional in what he does and his valuable work meant the whole recruitment process for me went smoothly and secured me with the right opportunity in Stockholm.

 I would like to thank you for all your trouble when searching a job for me. You are an extremely good recruiter, polite and just plain perfect for this job. There are no words to describe!  I would highly recommend you all day long.