Hayden Evans

Principal Frontend Specialist / Permanent


Erlang with a side of Elixir.

My specialist vertical is the functional programming language of Erlang & its younger sibling, Elixir. I focus on finding passionate candidates for companies that are actively backing the languages. I have a base of fantastic clients in the UK but I'm now extending my reach to other areas of the globe.

I pride myself in engaging with a large network of talented individuals across Europe in order to present the most highly skilled professionals on the market to my clients. I work very closely with my candidates to ensure that I fully understand their requirements to enable me to find them the perfect position.

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Hayden Evans's Testimonials

Hayden is exceptional recruiter. Contrary to a common practise where recruiters look at every possible tech skill and then by simple pattern matching of buzzwords don't understand what companies and clients really look for, Hayden focuses on narrower tech space (Erlang, Elixir, Scala). That way he knows the companies utilizing these tech skills a lot better, so he doesn't need to shout in the dark. As a bonus, Hayden manages expectations very well for both sides, which results in solid middle ground in terms of compensation and other requirements.

Candidate, Karol Skocik

Hayden is a joy to work with. He knows the market for Erlang and Elixir developers really well and has found me placements that involved doing some interesting work. In addition when any complexity came up with contracts, invoices etc he always was on top of getting it fixed. I would be happy to work with Hayden again.

Candidate, Zachary Kessin

Hayden’s network of candidates is superb. In short period of time he was able to connect us with many talented candidates after we straggled to deal with generic recruiters. I will recommend Hayden’s outstanding services to anyone who is looking Erlang talent.

Client, Alex Kokush

I have recently had the opportunity of working with Hayden and, even if I am usually reluctant when recruiters contact me, his professionalism, dedication and friendliness, have made the difference. He supported me from the very beginning and helped me through the interviewing process. Hayden is committed at finding the best fit for candidates - and this was clear for me from my first discussion with him. Not only he gave me a lot of details regarding the job requirements, but also provided additional resources and offered me great insight about the company and the team I would work with. Moreover, he helped me going through the relocation process - which I feared the most. I would not hesitate recommending Hayden in the future.

Candidate, Nicoleta Lazar