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Focusing on what we call ‘Digital’ within North Germany, specifically: Berlin, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia the team and I are focused on providing the best service that adds true value to both companies and candidates alike.

The aim for us is to understand your needs in detail, get to the root of the problem and from here, build up a process and recruitment structure that will simplify and streamline your hiring process.

With each consultant embedding themselves deep into their respective communities, we are able to support quickly in areas such as frontend development, backend development (PHP, Node, Java and Python) and mobile development. We position ourselves in the communities we feel we can add the most value to, and pride ourselves on working with developers and companies you do not currently know.

Success stories are plentiful and we are able to adapt to how your business operates, we want to blend and add consultative advice, not overpower your internal teams.

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Eden Whitcomb's Testimonials

Highly professional and well informed. Eden only ever suggests the most appropriate developer profiles for the position at hand. One thing I noticed in particular, is how much the candidates trust him and value his word. They know he always suggests opportunities he believes to be a perfect match for their skills and wants. Offering sincere advice when they are debating more than one option. This of course is also very desirable form the hiring side perspective. Looking to find the best possible match for the job and adding a satisfied, happy new member to the team.

Eden really went above and beyond in helping our company transition from a small start-up to medium-sized enterprises. He was always available for a friendly chat or a spot of advice. Eden was instrumental in getting us the right people at the right time. He gives an extremely professional, friendly and personal service and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a professional recruiter.

After having an opportunity to work with several recruiters and lately with Eden I do really feel obliged to emphasize his great work and thoroughness. Great feedback, scary-awesome up-time, always eager to help. I’m more than pleased to recommend Eden as a recruiter during your job search. Personally I couldn’t be more satisfied. Thanks!

Eden is the best recruiter I've worked with. Always friendly, he gathers and provides all the information, finds the best possible job based on your profile, gives you advice and helps with any questions you might have. I have successfully found a job with his help and I highly recommend him to everyone.

I've had the pleasure to work with Eden to help grow our organization and my experience working with him has been great. I can say that he has made a very positive impact on our hiring as he is a passionate, savvy and talented recruiter. Eden has been able to help increase our pipeline and bring super interesting profiles to the table on a steady flow, as well as achieving complicated hires! I'm looking forward to continuing our partnership, for sure.