Andreas Pleines

Team Leader - Permanent

Contact Location: SOUTH GERMANY

I joined Darwin in 2015 and since then build strong relationships throughout all industries and technology clusters.
Given its rich tradition in Engineering and a growing Start-Up community, Munich is an exceptional location to work at. Having been voted No. 4 in the most liveable city in the world just underlines this. 
In terms of technologies you might as well find a perfect place to work here as a Java developer. Every third technology company lists Java as one of their technologies. Industries range from the traditional engineering companies to finance, IoT, E-Commerce and many more. 
What I can do for you as a Jobseeker:
- Consult on your Vita and CV
- Discuss career opportunities and possible career paths. From Junior Developer to Manager.
- Give advice on Salary Expectations 
- Interview Training
- Introduce and connect you to businesses that actually match your interests!
What I can do for you as a Business:
- Discuss your requirements for Software Specialist
- Consult on ideal recruitment processes
- Identify and introduce candidates that match your requirements
- Assist in your whole recruitment process from CVs introduced to signed employment contracts.

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