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Season One Darwin RechDoTech Podcast


Season 1 of the Darwin RecDoTech Podcast has come to an end.

In the New Year, we'll be kicking off Season 2 with more fantastic, tech-focussed, recruitment led discussions for you.

Let's take a look back at our fantastic first season, featuring Amazon, Google, SNAP inc, AON, Yelp, DataRobot, and many more:

Ep 1: Women in AI with Dr. Nancy Ranxing Li, Ph.D.

Ep 2: Implementing Lean Start-Up Methodology with Lorenzo Di Nobili, Founder of Grazie

Ep 3: Creating an Unbiased Working Environment with Sarah Noovari @Snap Inc.

Ep 4: Building a Personal Brand in Tech with Eric Weber @Yelp

Ep 5: Making Smarter Tech Career Decisions with Ben Taylor @ DataRobot

Ep 6: Mothers in Tech with Gayle@ Amazon, Brandee @ Appetize and Kate @ DATAcated

Ep 7: Hire & Build a Data Science Team with Graham Morehead @ AON

Ep 8: Data Science - A woman's perspective with Maria Ovchinnikova @ Portchain

Ep 9: Leading Elite NLP Teams with Imed Zitouni @ Google

Ep 10: From Dream to Reality - Build a Data Startup with Jacopo Tagliabue @ Coveo

Ep 11: The CTO Onboarding Process with Kevin Goldsmith @ Anaconda

Ep 12: Mental Health in Tech - The Invisible Enemy with Will Falkowski

Ep 13: The 'Sibling Rivalry' between Internal and External Recruiters with Amy Miller