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Remote Working Webinar - Will many businesses follow Twitter, Shopify and Upwork?

Eden Whitcomb
Billing Manager

What precentage of your business will continue to work remotely, in the long term?

How many of you now view remote working differently?

My hand is up...

With companies like TwitterSquareShopify and Upwork announcing just recently their plans for a full remote workforce, how many businesses will follow suit?

Has our way of working changed forever?

Eden Whitcomb discussed this with Lisa Dempsey, CPCC and the exciting opportunities for the future with regards to diversity and inclusion.

What are your thoughts? what would you like to see happen?

We'd love to hear from you!

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Welcome and thanks for joining us. You are here today because you believe that information and knowledge sharing is critical in a connected world. Our goal with this show and company is to introduce high quality, actionable insights that will help both hiring managers and job seekers execute lean recruitment processes and gain industry knowledge to further enhance their careers. Today, I am joined by leadership coach and Human Dynamics and engineer with more than 20 years experience delivering results in fast paced global organizations, specifically working with purpose focused individuals, teams and businesses who want to make an effective and positive impact on the world.

Right now, she's the CEO of her own business; Leadership Labs, as well as an advisory member to the board of three other organizations. She also hosts her own podcast; H.R. Matters and provides low cost webinars to help organizations pivot through times of crisis and make working virtually more meaningful and impactful. I've been a fan of hers for some time and it's an honor to share the call with her today. So please welcome the  winner of the Gold Leader Award for her Visionary Leadership, Lisa Dempsey, CEO of Leadership Labs.Add Speake

Welcome to the show, Lisa. How you doing?


Thanks so much for having me on, Eden. It's a pleasure to be here with you. 


We've been remote working, and companies have responded, at least from what I've seen in Berlin, reasonably well. I mean, you know, they had to change quite quickly overnight to a new process. There are some hiccups or some teething problems, but near enough, everyone I've spoken to have made it work.

Do you think that we're now stepped into a new way of working for the remote and home office specifically is going to be the new norm to the workforce? Yeah, I think that's one of the big questions that's out there right now, you know what what are going to be the the habits and things we're going to carry forward out of this? 


There's a great graphic that's running around out there with the question of, you know, what was the source of your company's digital transformation, your your CEO, CTO or COVID 19.

I think a lot of people are recognizing that, you know, this really has caused a lot of digital transformation, forced transformation. 

What I would hope is that companies would find really useful ways to be able to work remotely together. It opens up a lot of doors, a lot of opportunities. It requires some attention and focus to figure out how to do it well. And that's why I I'm actually getting ready to release my very first public workshop on that.

It's really valuable, but you need to get it right and you need to do some really specific things. I think there will be some backlash. There will be some teams that will be so happy to get rid of whatever digital tools they've been using. They'll want to only have face to face for some period of time. But hopefully, you know, this is brought it's taught some companies that have been maybe more traditional in that and resisted it more in the past to the possibility and the potential and that they it is you can have a really effective global workforce collaborating well without having to bring them together all of the time.

You know, I think some people will be will be happy to resume some of their business travel once that becomes safe. But hopefully there will be really fun, effective digital spaces that will start opening up to people in those stores have now been opened. And that will continue to grow because I do think that it's. It's not the only tool. It's unfortunate that right now it is the only tool available and that's creating some frustration. But when you mix it in with a variety of tools and possibilities, it's really good. There's a lot of value in it

But I'm most looking forward to seeing the spike in businesses open and open up to more home office. But then also driving diversity and inclusion into that business is way more than we were previously doing it. And specifically, diversity in within the tax base I work is is a big topic. 


You see many businesses wanting to do it and wanting a diverse workforce, a more inclusive workforce. They're struggling to do so. Hopefully now with the Home Office, they can hire people.

That's kind of where you are and have that opportunity to make it a truly diverse workforce and not just based on nationality, but, you know, gender, race, nationality, whatever. And having for the first time really on en masse, the chance to do that must be almost looking forward to. It just needs to be done. I think a lot people would drive in that. And I'm excited for that. But it needs to be like you. You said there's a lot of working components to go into, actually a true blend of home office and work office. So it's make sure it's done right. And you're kind of taken by as many people as possible and run with it for as long as possible. My biggest fear, I think, with this is we just go straight back to normal and there'll be a complete disengagement from some kind of sea level through town to jobseekers where we went when the office was we went to work at home and like almost cautioned against each other too much.

That's a fear that I think I probably have seen this advising businesses to kind of be a bit more receptive, be a bit flexible now because we've proven they can work and it is working with the vast majority of companies, whether or not they're telling me because we're on video. But the majority of companies have seen similar, if not better, productivity levels than when they're in the office. So fingers crossed, kind of. We see a new world of workforce emerging after this.


Yeah, I certainly hope so. You know, I genuinely hope so. And I love what you say about, you know, the hopefulness that that is out there and and people really being hungry for that. 

Now, I would encourage everybody who who has had positive experiences and even the negative experiences kept purely intentional about where you want to go from here. As we start building a different normal, as we start shifting back to something other than 100 percent distancing and isolation, get really intentional about what it is that you want to continue doing, that you have found that that works in an equally does it?

That's the most important way to really co create the future that we want to build together. Those voices need to be heard in and businesses need to to understand what it is that that has opened up so that that can be used really efficiently and effectively in really clear and intentional ways as we as we go forward. We don't have to go back to the old way of everybody in the office, That's not necessary.