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Remote Working Webinar - Skills that make up a great remote worker

Eden Whitcomb
Billing Manager

What skills are required to be a successful remote worker? 

We envisage that remote working will be far more common within many businesses in the future, opening up the opportunity to hiring from overseas. 

But not everyone has the skills, or drive required to be a truly successful remote worker.

We kick of the week with another webinar from Eden Whitcomb and Katya Christina Eckert from Humanitec where they discuss the attributes that make up a great remote worker. 

Stay tuned for more webinars, discussing the current situation, later in the week.





Today, I'm joined by an extremely passionate and warm individual who has found her colling in the mix between digitization and its impact on people and businesses. Over the past four years, she's been working on a platform aimed at allowing developers to focus on real engineering problems rather than wasting time figuring out how to get their code into various environments.

It's always a pleasure speaking with her. Please meet Katja Eckert's co-founder of Humanitec. Welcome to show. How are you doing?


I'm very well. Are you. 


Yeah. Very well, thank you. We're still still working remote, two and a half weeks left to go, minimum here in the UK. How are you and the team finding the remote setting at the moment?


think we're adapting quite well. We are a smaller team of a size of 20 people. So I think that really helps us to stay in touch and to basically organise the overall setup quite smoothly. 


So what specific tools you use at the moment to allow the transition? 


Yeah. So I think we've already well set up. We have what used to work with the developers in Kenya. So we were already quite experience in what it actually means to be in different offices and speaking remotely with each other.

So we're using slack on a day to day basis. We're using Google Hangouts for calls. And so we also basically starting to use zoom her and there. And we really make sure that we also use our documentation tools and we record the meetings. 

Yeah. Stay stay up to date with everything that we do in the best way possible. So the tools we're using is definitely the absolute basis of everything of our day to day life.

So what skills do you think somebody needs right now? What do you need to develop to be an effective remote worker?

Yeah. From what I've seen on the team, I think self-motivation. That means sleep enough and eat healthy, get some fresh air, do some work, exercise. I really think keeping your brain awake during the day to day tasks that you have your company, I think that's essential and that's something that drives self motivation. I think if you feel good in life. And if you feel good at work, because if this comes together, I think your motivation level is absolutely higher.

Obviously, you're on your own in your own area. So I think self motivation goes together with being working independently and being able to write properly. So I think strong written communication skills are probably even more important than general verbal communication skills, but it's a mixed cultural environment. So you speak with your teammates in a cultural setup that's ever might has different sender and recipient understanding. That is something in that in the 'in-person' environment, speaking with your hands and your emotions. That is something that I think normally is easier to not have a misunderstanding.

I mean, there should be always some comfort in learning and using any kind of digital tools, introducing new digital tools. Yeah, I assume that these are, from my perspective, the most important skills for remote setup. 


Yeah, definitely. Great. The communication aspects. I mean, anything that anything written down can be mis-interpreted in a completely different way from what the person means and then it causes some issues down the line. So I definitely encourage my team to least pick up the phone. Give a skype call. Whatever method they choose.