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3 Reasons You Need To Hire a T-Shaped Developer (And How To Become One)

Dario Mulder
Team Leader

Let’s face it.

We all want to be a T-Shaped developer or we want to hire one.

They have a strong skill-set in a specific area, which is complemented by broader general knowledge across an entire platform.

This is extremely useful to have in a company, and it’s even more useful when applying to jobs.

They in demand more than ever before.

You might be wondering:

What exactly is a T-Shaped Developer?

The vertical bar of the T refers to expert experience and understanding of a particular area, while the top of the T refers to an ability to collaborate with experts from other disciplines, gaining even greater understanding and knowledge from this collaboration.

For example, one T-shaped developer may have strong knowledge of Java programming language but is able to solve problems efficiently in PHP, SQL, Ruby, or Python.

You might also be wondering:


What are the benefits of hiring one?

You Get More Rounded Individuals

More commonly known as full-stack developers, T-Shaped developers have a specialty, normally in front-end, back-end, or a particular technology stack. However, they are also comfortable doing a vast range of development work, design thinking, and product management.

You Can Take On New Challenges

T-Shaped developers enable companies to take on new challenges and grow at a rapid pace. A T-Shaped developer can contribute to a project end-to-end, meaning you could have small teams with greater responsibility.

The Company Can Be More Focused and Knowledgeable

T-Shaped developers are focused and rarely confused. Why? Because they have to be in order to discuss, with ease, their skilled subjects and the comparative merits of other technologies. It is because of this knowledge that they always know what is going on in their project and can find the source of a problem quickly.

As if that’s not enough, I’m going to tell you:


How to become a T-Shaped developer.

Develop in different areas

Working in this way allows developers to grow in a multitude of areas while maintaining a level of specialty and expertise. It also gives developers the chance to become experts in certain software programs, a great way to invest in your future.

You won't achieve this quickly

Keep in mind that being T-shaped is not something you’ll be able to achieve in a couple of years. Generally, T-shaped developers are constantly seeking to expand their knowledge, which takes time and dedication. If you are interested in a lifelong pursuit of growth, then this will be ideal for you.

You still need to work collaboratively

Although you may be able to complete many tasks on your own, you need a willingness to share your knowledge with your teammates in order to create a safe and collaborative environment. T-shaped developers have strong expertise, but you must be willing to share your skills and accept help when it's needed. This will ensure there is no internal competition and will aid the development of your team as a whole.

Are you already on the path to becoming a T-Shaped Developer?

Or are you debating hiring one?

I speak to companies looking to hire T-Shaped Developers every day and would love to hear any difficulties or challenges you're having.