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Trying to recruit in the

Passive market

In today’s candidate short market, it is impossible to attract the talent you need by simply posting an advert on a selection of job boards. Only 21% of today’s global talent is actively looking for work and, with the number of recruiters and direct hirers using these saturated channels, the chances are that anyone you find will already be interviewing with another organisation.

The only way to successfully target a passive audience is to ensure that you have extensive networks on multiple professional social networks and access to a historical database of skilled professionals.


The open market

Candidates actively seeking employment; applying via advertisements placed on job boards, employer sites etc.

The Passive

These candidates are not looking for work but, through the right networks, may be open to the right opportunity.

The super passive

These individuals are not looking for a job. They are active on the professional social networks but not willing to discuss opportunities.

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