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    Learning to use and abuse Mutability

    I am an old Java man, I never allocated many of my thoughts to reflect on the philosophy of...

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    Are your tests well-travelled? Thoughts about coverage

    Earlier today, Dorothy Graham presented a webinar on her thoughts about test...

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    Playing Starcraft taught me a lot about running a business

    Playing video games and running a business is probably the last thing that comes to mind to most...

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    Deploying Elixir releases

    I have seen great posts about Elixir release deployments lately and I would like to share my...

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    The Hero Culture

    When looking up “hero” in the dictionary, I found the following definition: “A...

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    6 months with Elixir and Phoenix

    I have been using Ruby/Rails for 8 years and although I’ve used different technologies over...

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Ensuring that your capabilities, experience and career preferences stand out, both in your CV and during an interview, can be very tricky. Competency based interview questions can stump even the most experienced professional. Our video career advice will help you prepare for every obstacle.

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We've been operating in the European Technology recruitment market since 2001, and have developed a series of guides that provide all the information you need to make an informed decision on where in the world your next career step will take you.

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