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81% of CEOs state that, for customer engagement, development in Mobile Technologies is a key area of focus in 2016. However, sourcing the strongest talent within application development landscape can be a challenge. The market is fiercely competitive and requires detailed knowledge of countless, varied technologies.

At Darwin, our clients and candidates rely on us, in equal measure, to develop exclusive relationships, secure appropriate interviews and cut through the competition. As we continue to succeed and expand in our 3 core areas of specialism, we maintain our grip on the best opportunities for developers. We’re here to help the right talent find the right place.

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Featured Consultant

Samuel Hegarty

My role at Darwin Recruitment consists of finding the very best Mobile Developers (Top talent) for the clients that I represent in North Germany. The majority of my client base is in Berlin, as the city has a massive start-up scene with a lot of investment and exciting products that are not being developed anywhere else in the world.

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